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Monday, August 18, 2008

What's wrong with WGZ

I play a game at WGZ ( ) pretty much entirely for the nostalgia. Yeah, I did run that website at one point in time, but I think it's now badly outdated, and the administration is extremely inept at doing their job properly.

Here is a good example of what I'm talking about. I was browsing the scores list when I noticed a top ranking empire had suddenly dropped a lot of networth. And then noticed relatively new empires receiving aid from this formerly large empire.

During the many years I played the game, I've seen a scenario very similar to this many times. 99% of the time both the aider and the person receiving the aid is the same person simply trying to transfer resources to a new empire. This became an issue after the ability to change your race was removed. So instead of sending stuff to their team, they'd rather simply just send it to themselves.

Suspecting this was the case, I contacted the administer (geek) over MSN messenger. Here is the conversation:
4:29:49 PM Sam: hi
4:30:32 PM geek: hi
4:30:39 PM Sam: I have a question about game rules
4:30:49 PM Sam: I don't know if this is legal or not in your opinion
4:31:13 PM geek: go for it
4:31:21 PM Sam: If you have an empire, and you want to start as a different race, are you allowed to create a new empire, aid your new empire and then farm your old empire?
4:31:53 PM geek: not at can only have one empire at a time
4:31:56 PM Sam: isn't that basically multi-running?
4:32:09 PM geek: yep..and not allowed
4:32:15 PM Sam: I think I just saw that happen
4:32:28 PM geek: you did?...when...who?
4:32:44 PM Sam: #8 and #66 maybe #69 too
4:33:00 PM geek: you didnt see that at all
4:33:21 PM Sam: eh??
4:33:45 PM Sam: I don't know if that's the case, I just wanted to let you know that seems like the case and the numbers so you can maybe check IP access
4:37:16 PM Sam: do you know who that is?

That was the end of the first part of the conversation since geek did not respond. But to my surprise his wife (Hex) decided to message me about the situation while I was away from the computer. Here's that conversation:
4:38:52 PM Hex: hahaha @ witnessing cheating
4:38:58 PM Hex: that was not what you witnessed

Not mentioning the absolute lack of any sort of confidentiality, like you can see, I didn't say I saw cheating for sure any time during my conversation with geek. I brought up a suspicion. That's obvious from my line "I don't know if that's the case, I just wanted to let you know that seems like the case." But I guess that was enough for her to mock me about that.

He came online again a while later and I started a new conversation.
6:12:12 PM Sam: hi
Changed status to Idle (6:15:05 PM)
Changed status to Available (6:15:57 PM)
6:16:08 PM geek: hi
6:17:06 PM Sam: When I brought up that IP check request, all I was trying to do was bring up suspicious-looking activity to you. I've seen that exact scenario dozens of times and 99% of the time it's cheating. That's why I brought it up. A simple "no they're not cheating" would have sufficed. But instead I didn't get any answer and then mocked about my request by your wife.
6:17:38 PM Sam: I just wanted to let you know I didn't appreciate the way that was handled.
6:18:40 PM geek: i did answer you
6:19:44 PM Sam: What you replied could hardly be classified as an answer to that query
6:20:12 PM Sam: " you didnt see that at all"
6:20:27 PM geek: this moment in time i really couldnt give a flying fuck what you think
6:21:55 PM Sam: Do you mind elaborating? I'm just a player of your game wondering about what looked like cheating.
Changed status to Idle (6:25:34 PM)
Changed status to Away (6:30:37 PM)
Changed status to Available (6:30:38 PM)
6:30:57 PM Sam: If you could clarify, that would be nice.
6:30:59 PM geek: I am currently away from the computer.

The line that I made larger I think speaks for itself.

There is just a complete lack of competence, maturity, and professionalism from this administration.

I fear it's only a matter of time before the community there finally dies for good. It's getting smaller and smaller as each month passes. Nothing is being done about it. And on top of all of this, the sole person who actually could turn things around is this guy. Mr "I really couldnt give a flying fuck."

Sad to see the site go down like this, but I guess it had to go eventually, eh?


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